FAQs - Personal Accident

What is Personal Accident cover?

Personal Accident cover offers an immediate lump sum payment in the event of a fatal accident or accident leading to a permanent total disablement. Cover is also included for other specific injuries such as emergency dental treatment. For further details, please see the Summary of Benefits – as detailed below.

Read here to view a summary of the cover and benefits available in the policy summary. 

Please note this cover does not replace the need for Travel Insurance.

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If I am injured, can I claim from the Personal Accident policy?

The BJA have arranged for a Personal Accident policy to be included for its members aged between 5 – 85 years.  Reduced cover is in place for members aged between 80 - 85 years.

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What is the operative time of the policy?

Cover is provided for any authorised and recognised activity anywhere in the world, including organised travel to and from such activity within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

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Does it matter if the injury isn't my fault?

The benefits are payable to you whatever the cause of your accident.

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If I am attending a taster session am I entitled to the Personal accident benefits?

No. In order to receive the benefits you must be a fully paid up licence holder with the BJA.

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What are the policy benefits?

Summary of Benefits



Loss of eye(s), limb(s), hearing


Permanent total disability from gainful employment of any and every kind (permanent total disablement from any gainful employment or gainful occupation for which the insured person is fitted for by education training or knowledge)


Hospitalisation (per full 24hrs)

£50 per day, up to 104 weeks

(should a stay in hospital as an inpatient exceed 7 days)   

£200 reduced to £100 if aged over 70 years of age

Emergency dental expenses

£750 (Excess £50 Applies)

Broken Bones

Arm (humerus, radius, ulna, carpus, collarbone-clavicle)



Leg (leg bones are the femur, tibia, fibula, tarsus)  


The benefits are payable if during the period of Insurance, the Insured Person suffers accidental bodily injury resulting directly and independently of any other cause within 2 years in death, loss or disablement. 

Please note for members aged 80 - 85 years cover is limited to death and loss of eye(s), limb(s) and hearing.

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Who should I notify and how do I make a claim?

To make a claim please click on REPORT AN INCIDENT and complete and return the relevant documentation.

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